The South section

South is kind of ambiguous: I mean the south of Italy. I am from there, and there are historical reasons why it is in such a bad state, what with under-development and criminal organizations.

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The music section

Music is another big passion of mine: both listening and singing and playing. I have great admiration for many artists, both for the music they make and for the way they sing and play.

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The informatics section

Informatics, also known as computer science, is about everything connected with computers and Internet. There will also be quite a bit about computer programming, because it's a passion of mine and also what I do for a living.

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For real this time

I was a little over-optimistic last time, and the website took some more concentrated effort for it to be actually workable, but now it's done for real.

There have been several not very interesting technical fixes, but the main change in the site structure is the creation of four distinct sections. These are my main interests, and some people might like being able to follow just one of the topics, which are: informatics, music, south and miscellaneous.

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The new site, finally!

The new website is finally up. I neglected my site for a long time, distracted by the sirens of social networking (I'm looking at you, Facebook).

Not much in it yet, just this post and the About page, but it will grow, now that there's a decent way of managing it.

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