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Welcome to my web site (anche in italiano).

I tell the tale of a journey through programming languages, and of the Python one.

I explain why friends don't let friends use MySQL.

You will also find a number of personally collected fortunes, and a gallery with the drawings from the various pages.

Last, a few notes about this site, and something about its author.


2009-02-08:updated copyright.
2008-05-25:pages converted to UTF-8, added language content negotiation, added mention of the PyCon Due 2008 conference.
2008-02-13:updated copyright.
2007-05-27:added mention of the PyCon Italy 2007 conference, added comparison between MySQL and PostgreSQL.
2007-03-04:(almost one year :-| ) added LinkedIn link, added text to the Python page (finally).
2006-03-08:added new GPG/PGP public key, added nickname explanation.
2006-01-29:some restyling of headers, footers and links.
2006-01-22:added the drawings gallery, added more drawings, added the night-day effect on images, misc. fixes.
2006-01-15:first site publication.

New fortunes are also added at each site update.